Unlock your magnetic confidence to attract your dream partner and maintain a loving and deeply passionate relationship.



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♠ You are tired of going from date to date, especially online dating apps that only lead you to question "Will I ever find THE ONE?

♠ You have been deeply hurt before and you’re not quite sure how to let go of this heartaches and move on.

♠ You are exhausted from the constant fight or daily passive agressive patterns in your current relationship. 

♠ You might doubt if your are in codependence or narcicisitic relationship? "Do I really love this person?"

Deep down, you feel lonely coming home after a long day of work by yourself or even lonely in your current relationship

Secretly, when you see your friends happy in their relationships and families, you feel jealous and wondering "What's wrong with me? Everyone can be happy in love, WHY NOT ME?"

♠ No matter how much you achieve, you know there is still a missing piece: a real deal relationship where your home life feel safe, loving and supported.  

I hear you, I was there too...

Course enrollment close on September 30th 2021


Most relationships start with fire but over time turn into a firestorm, or cool down and ice over completely, or both!

Naturally, this leaves us with emotional scars and we then protect our heart by closing it or being half-hearted in our relationships.

A Wholehearted Relationship is where both partners have made the conscious choice to process and let go of old patterns so they don’t repeat past mistakes. It’s a deeply fulfilling relationship where your partner meets you in love, friendship and co-creating your future together.

Don’t compromise in love! Be Wholehearted!

💚 You long for a truly fulfilling relationship where you feel loved, understood and valued.
💚 You want to attract your soulmate + best friend + companion committed to be by your side through the ups and downs of life.
💚 You are ready to BREAK FREE from whatever is holding you back and OPEN yourself to create and/or maintain your commited relationship, the foundation of a good life. 

If you're nodding along saying, "Yes!", and your heart is beaming beats of hope, then a WHOLEHEARTED RELATIONSHIP IS FOR YOU!

💖 Feeling supportive and passionate in a relationship where your partner meets you halfway and together you become an unstoppable team.

💖 Being liberated from past hurt and trauma so you become open to attract and sustain the love that you deserve.

💖 You shine in your own confidence and become your best self. You no longer feel the need to be like anyone else and you set standards to how you want to be treated in a relationship. 

💖 You attract deep and meaningful connections with ease, including a romantic partner as well as new friends, business and career opportunities.

💖 You co-create a rock solid romantic partnership that continues to feel safe, exciting and stands the tests of time.

is here!

Attract + Co-create + Sustain 

the relationship your heart deeply desires.


6-week intensive group program for the person ready to step into their magnetic confidence, attract and sustain a fulfilling relationship with ease.

Whether you want to take your existing relationship to harmony, turn a fresh page on old relationship patterns or start attracting "The ONE", Wholehearted Relationships will help you get there.

Here is what you'll get at Wholehearted Relationships

Whether you’re improving your current relationship or focusing on finding your dream partner, Wholehearted Relationships can help. This 6-week online program provides the elements vital to modern relationship success..

Get ready to UPLEVEL your relationship skills and go deep in understanding yourself. Say goodbye to standard relationship workshops with shallow tips and quick fixes..



♥ Be crystal clear on WHY you keep attracting the wrong person and shallow relationships.

♥ Understand deeply WHY your relationships started with fiery passion and gradually your partner and you grew apart. The distance becomes unbreachable.  


♥ Discover and release blocks that keep you from fulfilling relationships.

♥ Heal and transform on a deep level so you no longer carry past hurt, abuse and trauma.

♥ Gain access to powerful sessions in real time with experts in modalities including Relationship Coaching, Body Psychotherapy, Kinesiology, Matrix Therapies, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Character Structure to fully support you in your transformation.


♥ Elevate your confidence so you can easily manifest a loving, supportive relationship.

♥ Receive tools to resolve conflicts in your current relationship and invite your partner to join you co-creating a wholehearted life. 

♥ Build a solid foundations for your successful life: a harmonious and loving home life.


You'll access first-hand experience from a male and female perspective. Andrew and Daisy will share with you our journey towards our wholehearted relationship (the good, the bad, and the ugly) so you can learn the tools that actually work

As a SPECIAL BONUS, you will receive expert group coaching from our mentor, Robert Kirby, a worldwide relationship expert with 32 years of experience and success in executive and relationship coaching, workshops and retreats.

"True Love shows up when you show up. Unapologetically YOU, with unshakable self-worth and trust."

WHOLEHEARTED RELATIONSHIP is your path to get there.

Here’s what some of the beautiful men and women we’ve had the honour of supporting have to say about our journey together…

I’m grateful for the work I have done with Daisy. She helped me through a painful break up after an 8-years relationship, from which I thought I would never love again. She coached me to regain my confidence. I got married with a woman who is compatible, and our relationship based on love and respect. I couldn't have done that without Daisy's support... She is intuitive and gentle but also assertive in giving me a nudge when my limiting beliefs needed to be challenged.

Henry Nguyen
Finance Manager

I first went to see Daisy because I knew there was more. More to life, more to me. I kept tripping over the same things

Working together with Daisy uncovered many blocks and limiting beliefs in which I thought had been resolved, Daisy holds up a mirror and walks along side of you through it all.

The benefits of releasing these are beyond describable, living life true to yourself and getting out of your own way is magical and impacts your life as a whole in a positive way. In the last 6 months, I have seen great results in my wellbeing, relationship and career. My relationship with my fiance has improved so much, no more resentment or unrealistic expectations. We have also rediscovered the passion and a deep sense of understanding in our relationship.

I couldn't recommend Daisy more, she is an Angel, there is always a surprise element and it's so rewarding - after each session is liberation!

Tina Safarian
Sales Manager

When I first came to see Daisy, I thought I had lost hope in relationships and family at the age of 45. After working with her for nearly a year to release my past trauma and hurts from previous relationships, I’m able to reconnect with my passion for love. I felt good about myself and have attracted a safe and loving partner.

Katherine Morris
Property Consultant

This program is by application only – and space is limited!

1-on-1 Coaching with our relationship experts

Value: $350
Included in your program

When you enroll in the program as early bird, you'll also receive a BONUS 60 minute 1-1 Coaching Session (Valued at $350) with either Daisy or Andrew (your choice) 

to help you fully integrate what you learn into 

your relationship!

Lifetime Access: Retake the program Again and Again for FREE

Value: Priceless
Included in your program

The path to mastery in any field is practice and refinement. Which is why as long as the program is in existence, you can retake it year after year at no additional charge

Lifetime membership: Like-minded Community 

Value: $390/ year
Included in your program

You will be included in a high integrity and intimate circle, hand picked by us. You are surrounded by a community of like-minded people eager to learn to love themselves and radiate their love - just like you!

Dedicated Mentors to guide you 

Value: $500
Included in your program

At Wholehearted Relationship, you won't be on your own. Dedicated Relationship mentors with years of real experience will answer your questions, support you grow through challenges and inspire you stay in actions. 

Total bonuses value $1,240

The Core Curriculum

Wholehearted Support from relationship experts

We're real people with years of real experience. We want you to win and confidently navigate the "modern relationship matrix"

Like-minded Community 

You are surrounded by a community of like-minded people eager to learn to love themselves and radiate their love - just like you!

LIVE and Interative Masterclass

You can access the workshops LIVE in your own home and replay it to really soak in the keys of building a great relationship and preparing for your deep transformation.

Transformational Face to face trainings

A relationship is about connection and nothing beats the power of a physical connection. We dive deep into discovering and releasing “the LID on relationship” that’s holding you back. You’ll walk away feeling free, motivated, and magnetic.

What’s your BIGGEST and WILDEST DREAM about a relationship?

We want you to have it! And more.

So, are you ready to be truly WHOLEHEARTED to LOVE? If you are, we have your back and the time is now!

Meet your guide:

💛Meet Daisy Nguyen, the feminine factor of Wholehearted Relationships. Daisy is an International Best-selling Author and holistic wellbeing mentor who has ignited breakthroughs for hundreds of high-achieving women and families by transforming their unconscious and dysfunctional cycles into optimum health, love, and happiness. 

Daisy integrates the best of Kinesiology, Core Energetics and Family Therapy to intuitively guide her clients to navigate the complex interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, and energetic factors that create relationship conflicts, frustrations, or break ups. Many of her clients are now in committed and healthy relationships while some have blossomed in their marriages with their beautiful husbands and children.

💛Meet Andrew Ramsden, the force of masculine energy in Wholehearted Relationships. Andrew is a transformational leadership and life coach with over 20 years experience. He has guided thousands of leaders around Australia from individuals and small businesses, all the way up to large organisations and government agencies. 

As a life coach he has empowered his clients to build and maintain passionate, whole-hearted relationships. Andrew is known for taking complexity and chaos and reducing it to the critical steps needed to succeed. If you are sick of the complexity of dating and relationships, you’re in luck; Andrew will bring the clarity you need.


About our special guest

Robert Kirby is well-respected worldwide as a thought leader in the Wellness and Personal Development industry. Robert has grown an incredibly successful business as a coach, therapist, and healer in the last 32 years and has changed the lives of tens of thousands of clients. No small feat! 

Robert has incredible expertise in supporting people who want more connected and meaningful relationships and leaders in business, corporate careers. Robert does not want to change one thing but to help his clients CHANGE EVERYTHING! 

Are you ready to get unstuck and show up as the true 

Brilliant, Magnetic and Lovable YOU?

It’s time to radically let go of outdated relationship patterns,
Radically change the way you see yourself in relationships.
Claim your MAGNIFICENCE and the RELATIONSHIP you deserve.
What are you waiting for?

It’s time to receive

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Recommended by our clients worldwide

Don’t take our word. Our programs have been experienced, reviewed & rated by clients around the world

It's my privilege to have met Robert. He has transformed me both in my personal life and business. He helped me building up my inner strength and outer strength, that helped me to live in my truth, have confidence to dream big  and be courageous to do things outside my comfort zone. Every time I attended your workshop, I always learn new skills, have next level of personal development and I can keep positive energy and outlook in life.

Shirley Sun

Business Owner

The greatest life outcomes I’ve achieved from participating in all workshops ran by Robert Kirby are the FREEDOM to be my authentic self, a greater love for myself and life. It is the “embodiment” of these outcomes that have really rocked my world. It is a journey to remember. I got way more than I came for.

Margaret Sanchez

Accountant, Lawyer

Do I receive personal support from Daisy, Andrew and Robert?

Yes! You have access to all of us. This is what makes our program unique - the support you receive is personal and wholehearted. You will have access to our expertise and experience to help you find the root cause of your problem (not just the symptom) so we can help you transform it. If you have any questions, fire away. We’re here for you. 

Who this course isn’t for ?

Wholehearted Relationship program is NOT a place to hook up or  finding ‘tricks’ to come across more likeable/lovable. We honour the integrity and safety of our community. Our program is a safe space for men and women who really want to unblock past obstacles and be truly "IN LOVE” with themselves, create and maintain long lasting relationships. If that sounds like you, we can’t wait to support you, cheer you on your wins and help you unlock your Wholehearted Relationship.

I want to attend but I don’t have time. Can I still join?

All Online Masterclasses are recorded, and you can replay them in your own time. We understand that you want a fulfilling and passionate relationship. The time and work you are investing in yourself is invaluable to help you find that dream relationship. We want to save you time going from date to date and frustrating current relationships. Book a no-obligations call with us, and let’s chat about the best way forward for you. 

We have limited space for this program. 

You don’t want to miss this. 

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